Weigh-In Wednesday December 19th: Don’t Eat So Many Chicken Wing

Here at 2 Fat Nerds, each Wednesday is a Weigh-In day, where all of the data from the previous week is collected, displayed, and analyzed. Now, let’s dig in to the results!


Each week, members who have opted to have their weights publicly displayed for the world to see have them graphed on the main blog. It is a great way to keep track over time, and it gives a bit more accountability to your workouts. If you are interested, leave a comment!




Anti-fat points (AFP) is a system designed to give some sort of value to each and every workout, regardless of type. It is based on metabolic-equivalent values out of the compendium of physical activities. Submit a workout, get AFP. Each week we post the totals for each person for the week. In addition, you may see the monthly AFP leaderboard on the right-hand sidebar. This is meant to be a fun way to encourage competition to see who can earn the most points!



The Chain Game is a fun little system we came up with to see how many consecutive weeks a person can complete a minimum of three days of workouts. Every week in a row that a person completes the three-day goal, he or she adds one link to his or her active chain. For more information see this post!


The November Challenge

The November Challenge is still going, though I am seriously contemplating reducing the required AFP fro 165 to 150. I think 165 may have been a little too ambitious… more to come on this later in the week!


Each week we chart our cardio-based workout distances (no cycling included). We add another 161 km to our trip!

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5 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday December 19th: Don’t Eat So Many Chicken Wing”

  1. RALLY TINO! Get your @%^$ together homeslice.

    Jono, 150 is still too ambitious. Look at that graph. Previous graphs were not better, and were probably worse. Also, median>mean.

  2. I don’t think you should change anything – after the first of the year we will all be gung ho and, we’ll probably knock off the challenge in the first two weeks. Besides where is Amy when we need her?!

  3. Is there a way to edit a workout already submitted? It really took me down a peg and I feel bad for making Jono redo all those charts. However I don’t know what happened to my weight. I submitted it before noon.

    As for the challenge, I think the problem is that it’s the holidays and that puts a damper on exercising routines. Not to mention, I was racking in a LOT more AFPs in the summer because of biking. It’s called a challenge for a reason. Not because it’s easy to obtain. I agree with Mom, Jono, don’t change a thing.

  4. A workout already submitted into the tracking system can be edited either by clicking on the workout in particular or going into the table “Edit Submissions” section of the racking system… I think I made the charts a little early yesterday, i’ll update!

    I want to have the graphs dynamically update to the blog.. still working on that, so no matter when you submit each weigh-in graph would be accuate

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