2012 Bucket List Revisited

Nearly a year ago, Ellie and I sat down to formulate a bucket list for 2012. We listed many things that we wanted to do for fun, to be more productive, and in general just to do. Here is a recap of our hits and misses from last year!

  1. Go to California together (San Diego, 3/4/2012–3/12/2012)
  2. Lose an additional 20 pounds (Jon only! Required 194.6 lbs)
  3. Complete our first half-marathon together (Boston Half Marathon October 7th)
  4. Drink some quality whiskey (and like it!) (Courtesy of Ellie’s Dad!)
  5. Take Audrey to the Dog Park regularly (Well, we didn’t get to the dog park, but Audrey had frequent play dates with Autumn and Fredd and Ginger, so I’m crossing this one off halfway)
  6. Finish making curtains for our apartment (With one seam left to sew on the dining room curtains, we’re not quite done, but nearly there!)
  7. Skate on the canals in Ottawa, Canada
  8. Read 10 books for pure pleasure (Eat & Run; First 20 Minutes; I Run, Therefore I Am . . . Nuts; Fallen; Torment; Passion; Nickel City Drafts . . .)
  9. Make an awesome Cherry Wheat homebrew (Not Cherry Wheat, but did a Cranberry Bock!)
  10. 5 free summer concerts and events (St. Patricks Day, Boomdays, Light Up the AK, Elmwood Art Fest, Taste of Buffalo [Scotty Paid!], Allentown Art Fest, Second Fridays at the Burchfield Penny Art Center)
  11. Master cooking with Tofu, and other vegetarian dishes (We are getting better at Tofu, and we rock at cooking with beans, so another half-crossed-out one.)
  12. Repaint the dining room (We have paint swatches at the ready . . .)
  13. Take the GRE’s and apply to grad school  (Technically didn’t do either, but I am enrolled to start Jan 14th! Masters of Biochemistry!)
  14. Restart guitar lessons
  15. Take Audrey to swim lessons (I’m going to count this as done. We bought a kiddie pool for Fredd and Ginger during the dog days of summer. Audrey preferred to stand motionless in the dog-knee-deep water. She would tell you she hated it, but we know she felt refreshed afterward.)
  16. Expand 2FNs to include more crazy adventures and people (We’ve grown quite a lot!)
  17. Spend time out on Cape Cod in the ocean (August 2012)
  18. Run segments of the Erie Canal and document the trip
  19. Learn PHP Programming (Not a pro, but pretty good at it!)
  20. Fly somewhere randomly just for the weekend (If we weren’t broke, we would’ve gone to Chicago this December.)

Though we didn’t get everything off our list, a couple of major items were checked off, including our first half marathon and a trip to California. We also made it down to see NYC in full holiday splendor, to Cape Cod for a summer vacation, to Philadelphia for a beautiful wedding and a run up the Rocky stairs, and a whole host of other fun things. In all, it was a pretty good year. Look on Monday for a post of our goals for 2013!

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3 thoughts on “2012 Bucket List Revisited”

  1. You’ve accomplished quite a bit this year! Congratulations on starting grad school in January. And losing an addition 20 pounds is a huge deal! Great job!

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