The Biggest Loser, an Eight-Week 2 Fat Nerds Challenge — With Prizes!

Inspired by the long-running NBC Show, The Biggest Loser, Adrienne and I thought it might be really fun to create a new challenge for 2 Fat Nerds. Thus:

The 2 Fat Nerds Biggest Loser Challenge

The Idea

The idea is to encourage those members who are looking to drop a few pounds. I kn0w that weight-loss isn’t everyones goal, but the vast majority of members are looking to drop a few pounds. I want to encourage people looking to get rid of their Holiday weight, or that nagging few pounds they aren’t thrilled about.

How It Will Work

This is an opt-in challenge, and in order to compete, you must leave a comment stating that you are interested. The first official weigh-in will be next Wednesday, the 23rd. True to the Biggest-Loser competition, we are going to be looking at percentage weight-loss, rather then number of pounds. The starting weight will be whatever was submitted yesterday, (or today if you have yet to submit a measurement). This is done to avoid people running up their weight over the next week to be able to lose more very quickly (cough cough Billy).

Each Wednesday, everyone will have to submit their weights. I will calculate a total percentage weight loss, as well as a weekly percentage weight loss. Unlike Biggest Loser, no one will be kicked off for under preforming. The winner will be the person who has lost the most percentage of their weight, after a span of eight weeks.

*Added - Your weight will remain private, only your percentage lost will be posted!!! Only people who take part in the typical weigh-in weight graphs will be posted. **

The Motivation

To have a bit more fun with it, prizes will be awarded to the Top THREE losers! The prizes are:

First Place – A Custom 2 Fat Nerds Training Shirt – Made on demand for whoever wins in the appropriate size for their then slender bod.


022506521063Second Place – Nutritional Goody-Pack Box filled with my personal favorite healthy eats. Subject to change, but includes Chia Seeds, Cliff Bars, Training Goo selections and more!

Third Place – A copy of a very inspiring book, Born to Run.


Because this is an online competition, we are at the hands of the people participating. Please dont knowingly submit bad measurements to win, it would be sad to have that compromise the spirit of fun.


Everyone needs to use their best judgement if they choose to compete. Get a Doctors permission or something… =)

With that, I am looking forward to it! I hope there is a lot of interest!

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About Jon

Since starting 2 Fat Nerds in 2011: 60 lbs lighter, 2 half marathons, 1 triathlon, many 5ks and a whole host of new friends made. If you have ever doubted that you can become a runner and get in shape, think again. It is possible.

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  1. OK fine

  2. I will be on a cruise. Can I start 2 weeks late?

  3. I’m definitely in. (As I chow on skittles at my desk, woof. >_< )

  4. I’m in :)

  5. OK, but when I win I want a pair of 2fns shorts.

  6. I’m in. Definitely hoping for better numbers than I had during the November Challenge…

  7. I can’t believe I am being called out on this blog, it’s an honor

  8. I’m in!

  9. Count me in too!

  10. I’m in! And can I have a consolation 2FNs sports bra? How cool would that be?!

  11. That shirt is MINE

  12. I’m in as well :) Why the heck not

  13. Mokay, I’m in. Please tell me the shirt isn’t in pink. Might want to lose on purpose :p

  14. jeffrey sneeringer

    i’m in!

  15. I’ll try!

  16. I’ll play, it was on my agenda anyway.

  17. Count me in!! So excited!

  18. I’m interested! Is it too late to start now?

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