Let’s all help each other: reaching goals 2FNs style

And we’re off! Yesterday was the official first day of my Distance Medley training. Now we’re counting down the eight weeks to the first race: the 5k scheduled for April 19th, the Saturday before the Boston Marathon. I’m excited and energized to take on the first leg of this challenge, and its especially nice knowing I can already run three miles. I am training to get in the rhythm of training, to gradually add distance, and to get in better overall shape.

I think the most exciting thing about being on this schedule is that real (warm?) springtime weather will soon be here. I am working towards a goal that will be realized (at least the first part!) when it is warmer, the snow will be gone, and I won’t have to think about winter again for half a year. Looking at the calendar that lays out the last bit of winter is a beacon of hope for these record snow-falling months.

So, I need your help! I want you to train with me! Whatever goal you’re working towards, be it running a marathon or learning to swim or hiking a mountain or walking a mile or biking one hundred, I need your support and your eyes to keep me accountable. Log your workouts, compete for AFPs (anti-fat points), and give me and everyone else here at 2 Fat Nerds a run for our money. Spring is coming, summer is coming (bathing suits, weddings, eeck!), and now is the time to get going. If you’re new to the site, please feel free to leave questions in a comment and we’ll be sure to answer them. We need to pull ourselves out of this dreary winter and pick something to look forward to. Let’s all help each other!

TRAIN WITH ME! Today’s workout: 2.5 mile run 

And because we’re all so fond of these, here’s a before training picture:

Ready to go.
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One thought on “Let’s all help each other: reaching goals 2FNs style”

  1. I started yesterday too! Only a little slower than you, 1.5.to start (although I did 1.7). After all, I have to be able to keep up with you at the 5k!

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