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Server Updates

After much neglect, I finally wave the white flag and have started to transfer the blog and all of it's content to a new server. While our old home preformed [...]

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50×4: New York! Boilermaker 15K

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Welcome to the second post of 50×4: Fifty Bagels, Fifty Dates, Fifty Races, Fifty States! That’s right, folks: we're attempting to race in all fifty [...]

March Challenge! Baltimore Inner Harbor to Red River Beach!

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Happy Friday, and more importantly, happy March!!! We are almost to spring, although the recent dumping of snow in the northeast has us feeling otherwise. [...]

Weigh-In Wednesday February 27th, 2019: Do the Salsa!

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Happy Weigh-In day everyone! As always, Wednesdays are for weigh-ins, and public shaming. I am pretty happy with the month-end rally everyone seemed to have, [...]

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