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Weigh-In Wednesday Season 2: Week 8

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Hey everyone! Another Wednesday is here, which means another Weigh-In! Also, the conclusion to the February Challenge is revealed!


Just one comment on the weight graph this week: I want to comment on how impressed I’ve been with Dollard’s ability to maintain a healthy weight. Often it is very difficult once you have lost a lot of weight […]

The Dreaded Restaurant

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Going out to eat should be something everyone can look forward to. Sadly, since starting this fitness kick, I’ve come to dread situations in which I have to go out for dinner, especially if it is a Monday or Tuesday. The idea of not being able to really monitor my intake or truly know exactly […]

Getting to the Next Level

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This past weekend was pretty eventful. On Saturday afternoon, after having talked with my brother who had gotten back from one of his personal best runs, I decided that I wanted to push myself further and see what I could do. I knew I didn’t want to do another long and slow run, though I […]

And She’s On The Wagon!

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I’ve finally done it. I’ve found a routine that is working for me. Since the beginning of the second season of 2FNs, I have been struggling to make my good intentions in regards to health and fitness tangible, active plans. I have gone on short runs sporadically, but they are usually sandwiched between, well, sandwiches. […]

Who Is a “Runner”?

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This morning I read one of Amy’s posts about her struggle with identifying herself as a “Runner.” It got me thinking about what really is a Runner. Is it someone who loves it, gets lost in it, can’t get enough of it?

Working in the field of bioinformatics—and science in general—we put labels on everything. We categorize, […]

Weigh-In Wednesday: Season 2, Week 7!

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Hey everyone! Another Wednesday, another weigh-in! Just some housekeeping notes to start. I want to thank everyone who has made the switch to the tracking website. It’s made it a lot easier to gather up the stats this week. Having information in the database has been a huge help. As always, I’m looking for suggestions […]

Do You Really Need Food on the Run?

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My brother Mike linked me an interesting post in the New York Times that discussed the trend in refueling your body during exercise. This has always been in the back of my mind as something I needed to start thinking about, but I have put it off because of my relatively short durations and distances.

I often […]

Presidents’ Day!

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Just dropping in to wish everyone well on the best holiday of the year, Presidents’ Day! Although not everyone gets this wonderful holiday off, I do. . . . So yipee! With that, I will leave you with a presidential quote as I have many errands to run . . . literally! I am going […]

An Image for the Weekend!

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Hey, everyone! Just a quick post today as work is nuts; three meetings! I wanted to share with you the benefits of exercise via an image.

If you exercise or, more importantly, get your dog to exercise, you’ll all feel great and your dog will be a happy, sleepy puppy! After all, a sleepy puppy is […]

Getting Cold Feet . . .

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Don’t worry! I am not headed to the altar and having second thoughts. What I am talking about is really, really cold feet.

Ellie and I have been taking our dog, Audrey, out a few times a week for what is usually a nice two-mile run. Buffalo during the winter has a bad reputation for being […]