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Good Decision, Bad Decision

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Today I wanted to play a quick game of Good Decision, Bad Decision. Over the weekend my parents came in to town and took Ellie, Brindy, and me out for dinner.

To Start Off:

Chocolate Martinis were a good decision!

Tiny chocolate shotglasses filled with liquor were a good decision!

Nachos were a bad decision!

Sweet potato fries with chocolate […]

Let’s Go!

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I’m not going to wow you today with my tales of triumph. I am not training for a half marathon, but I am still training to be able to¬†actually¬†run a 5k. I have a renewed sense of energy and spirits in regards to 2FNS. Last week I worked my butt off trying to work off […]

Starting a Twelve Week Program

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Hello, my name is Jon and I am an aspiring distance runner.

Ellie and I decided that we are going to start gearing up for our first half marathon. It is on our yearly bucket list, and with a couple of my family members planning on doing the B.A.A Half in October, I decided it was […]

Weigh-In Wednesday April 25: Late-Month Surge!

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Hello, everyone! I’m pretty excited about the results this week, so let’s get to it!


Congrats to Adrienne, who put in a ton of effort this week and has the results to prove it!


Several people deserve mentions this week. First, Ellie threw down close to an all time best, and I know several of those were […]

Hilariously Accurate Videos, and How I Feel about Ellipticals

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So, it has come to my attention that there are two exceptionally funny videos on youTube that I need to link here. Please watch them at the bottom of this post; they are quick and extremely amusing and accurate.

Secondly! The past couple of days have been interesting for me. I actually went to the gym […]

Dear Mother Nature . . .

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Don’t get me wrong, I really did appreciate the extremely mild winter and the lovely spring we’ve been having . . .

This is just a little too much. Though I don’t think we are going to get the six-to-eight inches forecasted, I am still a little bit grumpy. I was enjoying nice shorts-and-T-shirt weather on […]

The B.A.A. 5K is an Awesome First 5K.

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You’ve read some of the other recaps, but I wanted to add my own voice to the post-race analysis, since I had been working pretty hard to get ready for the B.A.A. 5K for the past few months.

Basically, here is how things went for my 3.1 miles…

Just the excitement, energy, adrenaline of being part of […]

Tribute to Victor

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I am a Victor.

So this past weekend, as you all know, the B.A.A and the city of Boston hosted the Boston Marathon. Marathon Monday is my favorite holiday in Boston. It means a day off from work and the traffic on the train is a good excuse not to run errands. It has always been […]

Weigh-In Wednesday, April 18th: Tapering!

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Hey, everyone! The results are in for this past week, so let’s dive in!




The distance chart this week is in a slightly different format. With the sheer number of people now reporting in each week, the graphs are getting very convoluted. This week I’m just posting the weekly information, while I work on a new […]

2012 B.A.A. 5K Recap

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To sum it up: A Stunning Success.

On Sunday, eight of us headed into downtown Boston to compete in the fourth annual B.A.A. 5k race, which had us wind our way around Boston Commons and into the Back Bay neighborhood before doubling back to finish strong at the Boston Marathon finish line. Though it wasn’t the […]