I’m not going to wow you today with my tales of triumph. I am not training for a half marathon, but I am still training to be able to actually run a 5k. I have a renewed sense of energy and spirits in regards to 2FNS. Last week I worked my butt off trying to work off my butt, and it payed off, if only a little bit. I think part of the reason why I always get so discouraged when I’m trying to get in shape or lose weight is I like results. I like to see big numbers very quickly, or I feel like it will never happen. I know it isn’t sustainable, realistic, or healthy to try to lose 4 pounds a week, or to be able to run 5 miles the first time I step into my sneakers, but it would be nice. Dropping a few pounds last week really helped remind me of how great it feels when all the hard works pays off!

Right now I am trying to remind myself that I have to keep at this every day so that each Wednesday I don’t feel like “forgetting” to weigh in. (Don’t worry Jon, I never lie. Unless I’m lying about being fatter than I am, and you know I’ve done that.) This week I’ve been trying to get to the gym because it’s been raining, but it’s just not the same as running outside. I’ve also been doing little baby wall push-ups every day, Since my boot camp session with Mike and Susan last week, I learned that I have no upper-body strength at all, not even enough to do a girl push-up! I’m taking baby steps toward getting stronger, but for the first time (probably ever) I’m really working for it. It feels great and I want all of you nerds out there to get going, if you haven’t already! Get stronger, a little each day, and get active! Summer is coming and nobody wants to be fat during summer….duh….bathing suits….