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My Forray into Lifting: Kiss it?

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post talking about my general lack of knowledge, and courage for that matter, of the world of weight lifting. I talked about how daunting it seems to establish a routine, getting used to the equipment, and just not looking like an idiot. I wanted to take a few moments today to talk about my experiences thus far.

Since talking about it, I’ve completed four sessions of weight lifting. I should probably use the term session loosely, because it really wasn’t very formal, or really very much work at all. But I did do some pretty hard work. My strategy the first two days was simple, pick a few machines that focused on my upper body, and roll with it. To start, I selected the Seated Press, Seated Pull Down, Seated Row, and Seated Shoulder Press. I made sure to look at the machine, read the description and learn how to get it set up properly. I then took a few reps to figure out a comfortable weight, and then set to work. In all, it probably took me 15 minutes to complete. I can’t tell you how horribly sore I was the next day. […]