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The Trim Challenge – 24 Days

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This post comes from my cousin Jon, who earned a degree in Strength and Conditioning from Springfield College and has been working in the field fulltime since graduation in 2011. A few days ago he described one of the methods he utilizes and I asked him to write up a post on it. The idea is a cleanse-like diet for 10 days, and then supplemented eating for another 14 days. His pictures are pretty impressive!

Before doing the 24 day challenge I weighed 165 pounds at 17% body fat and in 24 days I was able to drop 6 pounds of fat and gain 3 pounds of muscle! I was leaner, stronger and faster than ever before.

Once the challenge began I immediately began to notice differences in physical difference as well as energy levels. I was eating more often than I was used to and not craving the need to find energy sources. Receiving compliments on my face thinning out as well as NEEDING to wear a belt also increased my self-confidence.

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