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Adrienne’s Monday Check-In

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Important news: B.A.A. 5k registration is now open! If you’re going to be in Boston on Marathon weekend — Sunday, April 14th — register to run this awesome race downtown with the 2 Fat Nerds crew! The finish line is the same as that of the Marathon, so you can pretend you ran the whole thing!

There is nothing better than a Monday morning where you don’t feel like the weekend ruined all of the progress you made the week before. Battling the weekend is a huge obstacle to anyone trying to get their butt into shape. After the long week, it feels natural to kick back with a pizza and a beer, or head out on the town with friends. Relaxing is definitely an important part of mental health, so I’m all in favor of celebrating the weekend. My problem, thus far, has been learning to celebrate in moderation. I tend to get swept up in the moment and stuff my face, so that has been something I’m working on. But I didn’t do that (too badly — see also, binge drinking and 2am chinese food) this weekend! So, yay!   […]