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Napkin Science: Weekly AFP vs Weekly Weight

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Time for everyone’s favorite activity: using random poorly designed calculations to draw conclusions about the cause and effect relationship between working out and losing weight. Today’s subject: Adrienne.

To start, I took all of the data Adrienne has ever submitted to 2 Fat nerds. This includes 147 workouts and 87 weight measurements. What I wanted to look at is if there was a relationship between the amount of AFP she earns in a week, and what type of weight measurement she would post during that week. Honestly, I’ve done this sort of comparison on my own data in the past, and I didn’t see much of a direct relationship. There are so many variables that come into play, like how many times you go out to dinner, what you eat, if your family is in town, if its christmas etc. It is hard to really see a great trend, but nevertheless, lets look at Adrienne’s data.

x-axis: Week, y-primary: Weight in lbs, y-seconday: weekly afp total.