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Eat Fit Not Fat – Egg McMuffin Makeover

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Mike and I have been on a real breakfast sandwich kick the last couple of months and I wanted to share with you our latest creation with a little help from good old Pinterest.  I’d like to call it, the 6 day Egg McMuffin Makeover. Who doesn’t love a mouth watering bacon or sausage,  egg and cheese on a hearty bagel or buttery croissant?  Pretty much an American staple. So I decided we would whip up the healthy version of this classic sandwich for this weeks edition of eat fit not fat. Essentially, with a little prep work on Sunday night, you can have hot and delicious breakfast sandwiches within minutes for the next 6 mornings. This method saved us a lot of time this week and helped us get out the door and on our way to work  just that little bit faster, which we definitely needed 🙂
Egg McMuffin Makeover
Egg McMuffin Makeover Ingredients

12 eggs, 12 slices of Sargento Ultra Thin cheddar cheese (only 45 calories per slice), 12 whole wheat English Muffins, and we decided to add some green onions and cracked black pepper.