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Monday Check-In after being Snowed-In

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This weekend we got a snow storm, I’m sure you heard about it. Nemo was international news, Boston was paralyzed, and in terms of physical activity for the weekend, I supposed I was as close to being paralyzed as any healthy (non-quadriplegic) twenty-two year old can be. We got 28 inches of wet, heavy snow, and with everything closed and the trains not running, I had a wonderful weekend of wine-drinking, game-playing, and Gilmore Girls-watching with snowed-in friends. It’s kind of nice when Mother Nature makes an excuse for you, but a whole weekend has left me feeling kind of sluggish. After the initial fun wore off, I started asking my friends to do pilates with me. I got a serious case of cabin fever and by Sunday, I was happy to be outside, even if it was a challenge trekking through dirty slush and Davis Square’s massive snow banks. […]