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Biggest Loser Strikes Again and Selecting My Target Pace

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As has been the case for the past several Mondays, I am more than comfortable lying on the couch, watching TV, minding my own business when the 8 o’clock lineup hits. Biggest Loser flashes on the TV. No more than twenty minutes later, I am getting dressed and ready for the gym. I have a complete inability to watch other people work out while I am sitting on the couch.

Yesterday I laid out my goals for this coming spring season, and one of them was to improve my speed to reach a PR during the Boston 5K. I spent a bit of time reading about techniques to improve my speed, like hill workouts, interval sprints, long weekend runs, an idea called Tabata (which I guess you do something to the max intensity you possibly can for 20 seconds for 8 reps and then you are done . . .) and  other general diet advice. One thing I am still struggling to do, and would like some feedback from experienced runners (cough, Amy; cough, Mark, etc.), is to figure out my training pace as well as my goal race pace.