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This Just In: Eating Healthy Foods Is Healthy.

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Across many of the major media outlets, new¬†articles state that “Research Shows Mediterranean Diet Can Cut Heart Disease and Stroke Risk.” New evidence abounds from a recent large-scale study that looked at 7,400 people in Spain over five years. The concept was to compare two groups of people, one on the Mediterranean diet (which emphasizes healthy oils and nuts), while the other group was on a more standard low-fat diet. The Mediterranean dieters had a 30 percent reduced risk of heart disease.


Personally, I thought this was already an established fact, and I didn’t realize it was still a source of contention in the medical community. I can remember in the early 2000s, if not earlier, that there was a relationship between eating healthy oils and nuts and a reduced risk of heart ailments. Apparently now there is proof, I guess. With about two seconds of effort on PubMed, I found a quick study that suggested this back in 1995. But whatever, I guess this is still groundbreaking enough for NYTimes, NPR, and many other news organizations to carry it. […]