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Impulse Buys and Awkwardly Placed Blisters

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This post comes from my lovely wife Ellie, enjoy!

I feel weirdly girly in saying this, but I am really excited about my recent shoe purchase! But these are not just any shoes. I bought new minimalist running shoes!

In an effort to satiate my new addiction to outlet shopping, this past weekend my mom and I headed to the Niagara Fashion Outlets. Mom was on a hunt for boots, so while she was looking through those, I took the opportunity to check out the store’s selection of women’s Merrell shoes. I fully intended on buying new running shoes anyway because, though I love my Vibram Five Fingers, after running a half marathon, I realized that I just don’t want to feel every crack in the pavement, which starts to really get to you around mile 8.

After quickly eliminating most of the stock (too much heel, too much fabric in the back, ugly colors), I found the perfect ones. The Merrell Barefoot Contour Glove in dark gray and lime green/yellow. Now, being an outlet store, these shoes were only $35. Yeah, that’s right. Brand-new, quality running shoes that normally cost up to $100 were selling for almost one-third of that price. I didn’t care if I wore them just to take the trash out, these babies were coming home with me. Impulse buy: check.