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Beating the Inevitable Fatness of Being.

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At the Freihofer’s race expo this past weekend, I had the opportunity to have a free health screening, which included tests of my weight, BMI, and body-fat percentage. Most of what I knew was confirmed: according to BMI, I am still overweight (though only by a few pounds!). But it was fun to see what my estimated actual body-fat percentage was: 16.8 percent. Not bad, though I seriously question their method and am not convinced their system works any better than an average scale bought at Target . . . but that is another gripe.

While looking through the information, I read something that stated that nearly 90 percent of people who lose weight will regain it within a two-year period. This triggered a memory of an article about the effects on hormonesĀ and how your body will fight your weight loss with everything it can. Losing weight is not natural, the research suggests, and your body really does prefer to be a plumper version of yourself. An illustrated version of this (taken from the paper) is seen in this graph:

The inevitable fatness of being.