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Freihofer’s Run for Women: A Humid Recap

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This post comes from my lovely wife, Ellie, who recounts her experiences at this year’s Freihofer’s Run For Women.

It was hot. Maybe people think I’m exaggerating, and maybe I am. But holy crap, Batman. I thought my face was melting.

Saturday started out really leisure-like; I almost forgot we had a race. After the 7:00 a.m. start time for the Buffalo Half Marathon, not having to leave the house until 9:00 a.m. was a chance to sleep in! After a light breakfast, Scotty took Becky and I down to the New York State Museum, a.k.a. the starting line. Unfortunately our third amigo, Mama Bard, had been feeling under the weather the week previous and decided to sit this one out. (I think we are all glad for this, as the humidity and sheer temperature were draining for those of us who weren’t even sick! Nobody wanted to see Donna on the eleven o’clock news being carried away on a stretcher after the race.)

This was when I was happy and optimistic. How quickly things change . . .