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Removing “Diet” From Our Vernacular.

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“Are you an apple, a pear, or fat all over?”

— Dr. Oz in a preview for an upcoming episode

While walking through the isles of my local grocery store, collecting my usual foodstuffs, I overheard an interesting conversation between a mother and her small child. This kid must have been about five years old, if that. As I was reaching for my wife’s soy milk (and my almond milk), I saw him look up at his mom and ask a simple question, “Why do we have to be on the South Beach diet again? . . . I don’t like it.” I’m not sure if his mom caught a smile flash across my face, but she quickly said, “Oh you aren’t on it, just me!” She hurried away, seemingly embarrassed, ¬†and I kept on shopping, quite a bit more amused than I previously was. […]