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Road Bikes: A Whole New World

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First, I just want to wish a friend of ours a speedy recovery after a nasty spill he took this weekend during a triathlon race. I am so very glad he was wearing a helmet, and it just reinforces the need for everyone to wear them all the time, no matter how skilled you are. Things happen beyond our control, and the added protection goes a long way. We hope you have a quick recovery and are back racing soon!

So . . . I took the plunge yesterday and picked up my first road bike. It was time to put my money where my mouth was for this triathlon, and to do so, I absolutely needed to upgrade my ride from a 16.5 inch mountain bike with thick treads and shock absorbers to something a little bit more road worthy. After months of research, I finally annoyed Ellie to the point that she walked with me to our local shop, Campus WheelWorks, and wouldn’t let me leave without a bike. A really helpful employee assisted me and let me take several models for a spin, and I finally made my decision.