We are just a couple of fat nerds trying to slim down . . . what a terrible idea for a blog, right?

What Bog Manners Is

Bog Manners (Formerly 2 Fat Nerds) started as a way to become more accountable in regards to overall health and fitness. The idea was to post weight-loss and work out results for all the world to see with the hope that our readership would keep us honest and hard working. It has grown to be a vibrant community of people working to get healthier, sharing their weight-loss and fitness goals, and supporting each other during the whole process. We are totally free to use, have a fitness tracking system being actively developed, and try to group up and do organized races and other activities fairly frequently.

Our Team

Jono2FNS Founder
One of the founders of 2 Fat Nerds and primary blogger, Jon has been actively developing and publishing content for the blog since September 2011.

He is married to his lovely wife Ellie, who assists with post editing (at least when he doesn't rush posts out at the last second before she can look at them!) and general guidance about tracking site usability. By day he works as in the field of Next-Generation Sequencing technologies.