We are just a couple of fat nerds trying to slim down . . . what a terrible idea for a blog, right?

What 2 Fat Nerds Is

2 Fat Nerds started as a way to become more accountable in regards to overall health and fitness. The idea was to post weight-loss and work out results for all the world to see with the hope that our readership would keep us honest and hard working. It has grown to be a vibrant community of people working to get healthier, sharing their weight-loss and fitness goals, and supporting each other during the whole process. We are totally free to use, have a fitness tracking system being actively developed, and try to group up and do organized races and other activities fairly frequently.

The Faces of 2 Fat Nerds

Jono2FNS Founder
One of the founders of 2 Fat Nerds and primary blogger, Jon has been actively developing and publishing content for 2 Fat Nerds since September 2011. To date he has lost ~47 pounds, taken part in several races including the Boston Half Marathon, and is overall happy with what this blog has become.

He is married to his lovely wife Ellie, who assists with post editing (at least when he doesn't rush posts out at the last second before she can look at them!) and general guidance about tracking site usability. By day he works as a Bioinformatics Specialist working in the field of Next-Generation Sequencing technologies.

Adrienne2FNS Writer
Adrienne has jumped into the game after encouraging Jon for quite a while. She now is a regular contributor to the blog and does weekly posts about her personal progress, trials and tribulations of her own weight loss journey.

Living in Baltimore, she has experienced first hand how difficult it is to balance life, work, and fitness. She has an interesting perspective on what works and what doesn't work, and articulates that through awesome posts. She has run several races now (some of them may have been forced, but she did it!) and is looking to do more this year. We look forward to watching her continue to work hard and eventually get to where she wants to be.

SuzEat Fit Not Fat Columnist
Susan is our weekly Eat Fit, Not Fat columnist which launched in February 2013. The concept behind the column is to produce healthy versions of foods we all know and love. Breakfast sandwiches, Pasta-less lasagna and oatmeal raisin cookies are just a few examples that she has created, all looking very delicious.

Along with her cooking duties, she is an active skier who volunteers for the YES program of Boston, which encourages kids to get active and out into the world of winter and summer sports.Susan is active at the gym, taking part in early morning sessions of Cardio/Weight Training Boot Camp, and in addition has completed the B.A.A distance medley.


Supporting Staff

  • Ellie -  The best idea soundboard and training partner a fat nerd could ask for!
  • Brian - An Original Fat Nerd, now mostly gamer extraordinaire.
  • Patrick - Tracking System beta tester and idea man.
  • Mike - Guest blogger
  • Dave - Guest Blogger