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2 Fat Nerds and the Midnight Marathon Bike Ride 2014

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On Sunday night, or rather, in the wee hours of Monday morning, before the starting gun and commencement of the 118th Boston Marathon, we rode our bikes 26.2 miles (and then some) in the clear and cold, under a blanket of stars, surrounded by hundreds of like-minded cyclists doing the same. It was 2 Fat […]

First impressions of the Bupa Intermediate 5K programme

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Ever since I started exercising with 2 Fat Nerds, I’ve been dabbling in what I’d call “casual jogging.” According to our tracking system, I’ve put in 101 outdoor and 23 treadmill runs over the past two years, which comes out to an average of about one running workout per week.

With spring and this year’s B.A.A. […]

The most disappointing pre-race email.

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Our plans for the Somerville Jingle Bell 5K were unceremoniously thrown out the window this weekend, with the arrival of this very disappointing (and rather glib) notice:

A few questions on this: Who is Paulie? Why does he wear sunglasses? Because the race has been rescheduled (and moved to a date when many of us are […]

My experience with the WalkingWorks challenge

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After participating in the Old Forge Triathlon back in August, I found myself without any more events to prepare for this year. So, without the added motivation of training toward a specific race, I was looking for ways to maintain a high level of weekly activity as summer turned into fall.

Luckily, just after Labor Day, […]

Eat Fat Not Fit: Vacation Edition!

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To close out vacation week here at 2 Fat Nerds, here is this recipe for disaster!

Sleep in a tent overnight in the pouring rain
Wake up and run a 5K around the park
Meet back up with everyone and ride 13 miles round trip on your bicycles
In the middle of the bike ride, eat a platter […]

My year in workouts: insights from the 2FNS tracking system

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So it’s New Year’s: the time of year for looking back and planning ahead, and this year, thanks to Jon and everyone else at 2 Fat Nerds, for the first time in my life, I have an entire year of better fitness and exercise habits to look back upon and celebrate!

But, the thing that’s maybe […]

2FNS takes the Troy Turkey Trot!

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More recap to follow!

How to exercise on Cape Cod

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In a few hours (hopefully) I’ll be off to meet up with Jon, Ellie, Adrienne, Mike, Suz, Mom, and Dad for the annual family trip to the Cape. So far I can’t think of any family institutions that have yet withstood the inexorable zealotry of our newfound quest for fitness, 2FNS-style, so why should our […]

How to lose 9 pounds in one week: move!

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No, literally… move. This past weekend, Brooks and I moved from our apartment near Boston College to a new (and nicer!) place across the river. Because the process of packing and moving stretched over several days, I didn’t have time to log a proper running or elliptical workout. I didn’t want to let the 2FNS […]

The B.A.A. 5K is an Awesome First 5K.

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You’ve read some of the other recaps, but I wanted to add my own voice to the post-race analysis, since I had been working pretty hard to get ready for the B.A.A. 5K for the past few months.

Basically, here is how things went for my 3.1 miles…

Just the excitement, energy, adrenaline of being part of […]