Weigh-In Wednesday Season 2: Week 4

Another week, another weigh-in; let's go! Weights I would like to point out our newest brave soul, Tino. I am excited to watch Tino's progress now that he has agreed to let me harass him on a weekly basis! Let's do it to it! Distances Very happy with everyone this week. Saw some people get [...]

Weigh-In Wednesday Season 2: Week 3

Another Wednesday, another Weigh-in! New Online Portal: 2FNs Workout Portal! I've been working on getting a little bit of a Workout Portal up and running and it is now online with basic functionality. I encourage everyone to sign up and use it, and please give me feedback. I plan on implementing quite a lot of features, [...]

Weigh-In Wendesday Season 2: Week 2

Hey, everybody! Another Wednesday, another weigh-in! Weights - Congrats to Dave for losing 4.2 lbs—impressive! Distances -  I want to throw a shout out to Dave and Ellie, who both increased their mileage pretty substantially since last week. Also to Amy for posting a new PR in her half-marathon! The Challenge - Mark sacrificed himself this week [...]

Weigh-In Wednesday: Season 2, 2012 Week 1

Hey everybody! As you may have noticed, this is the first weigh-in of the new season! I decided after talking with several people to reset some of the graphs now that more and more people are consistently logging. So with that, the first full weigh-in of 2012 will start Season 2! The only graph we [...]

The Challenge

It is time to finally announce The Challenge. Over the holidays I met up with Mark at StaufenRunning, and we thought up this grand idea to start getting him involved with 2FNs. Mark is an every-day runner, averaging a ridiculous amount of miles per week. The Plan 2FNS vs. Mark Basically, each week at weigh-in time, we at [...]

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