Half-Marathon Training Schedule and A Snowy Long Run

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Training season has arrived. So too, apparently, has winter. With our first official week of half-marathon training in the books, our not-so-friendly Lake Erie Monster has returned, just in time for our long run of the week.

Our training program for our fourth half-marathon is a bit different from previous, due to the addition of weight-training. […]

Okay, We Will Run

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After consuming two donuts and a handful of timbits today, it was painfully clear to me that it was time for a run. We had planned on going to the gym this evening, but because it was such a beautiful night, we decided to fish out our running shoes from the dark depths of our […]

Delicious Things Are Bad

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Today the line at Tim Hortons was unacceptable. This forced a shift in our morning strategy, which resulted in a stop at our local Starbucks, which was bursting at the seams with what seemed like all the Bros in Buffalo.

I attempted to order an egg and cheese on an english muffin, which is what i […]

Buffalo Pride: Celebrating #716Day!

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I’ve spoke many times on this blog about Buffalo, undisputedly the greatest city on this here planet. Yesterday, the mayor of Buffalo declared a new holiday, 716 Day. This day was chosen as a nod to our beloved area code 716.

There is a general excitement in the air this summer. Our sports teams have made substantial […]

“Jon Punched the Fan” Is Not a Euphemism.

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I am seriously struggling. I’ve been working for the past year to knock off the ten pounds I’ve gained, and I’ve been partially successful on and off, but it never lasts very long. Sadly, over the past few months, that number has increased to about seventeen unwanted pounds. It’s really annoying.

I spent about four months not working, […]

20 Mile Bike in Buffalo

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Hello! Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days, life has been very… busy and interesting.

On Saturday I took a quietly planned afternoon as an opportunity to set out on the first bike ride of the season. Brindy met up with me for the trip down to the outer harbor, taking advantage of the […]

Hiking the Gorge!

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On Saturday a group thirteen strong ventured into the wild unknown of the Niagara Gorge. Prepared with the finest refreshments from the Wegman’s Market Cafe, we met up at the trail head, and proceeded down the steps onto┬áthe Whirlpool trail.

The trail is absolutely beautiful. It follows the river as it turns the corner at the […]

Sports Nutrition: I Still Can't Stomach Those Gels

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Now that we’re running longer distances, it’s time for us to use energy chews/gels again. I always get really excited when this happens because WE GET TO EAT WHILE RUNNING! I love eating, so this is a win for me. When we start pushing more than an hour of running, we bring along tasty treats. […]

Four Week Training Recap

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On Saturday we officially wrapped up our fourth week of half marathon training with a fairly successful eight mile run. I would be lying to say it felt great physically, but mentally it was a major step forward.

I’ve been dealing with a respiratory disaster in the form of a pretty severe chest cold for over […]

The Smile-and-Nod in Buffalo

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Buffalo is a very friendly city. I am confident making this deduction after having walked and/or run through a number of cities. People will start chatting with you while you’re walking; they’ll share stories and joke with you. Heck, even outside the city, Buffalove runs deep. One summer on Cape Cod, we were driving in […]