Sports Nutrition: I Still Can't Stomach Those Gels

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Now that we’re running longer distances, it’s time for us to use energy chews/gels again. I always get really excited when this happens because WE GET TO EAT WHILE RUNNING! I love eating, so this is a win for me. When we start pushing more than an hour of running, we bring along tasty treats. […]

Four Week Training Recap

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On Saturday we officially wrapped up our fourth week of half marathon training with a fairly successful eight mile run. I would be lying to say it felt great physically, but mentally it was a major step forward.

I’ve been dealing with a respiratory disaster in the form of a pretty severe chest cold for over […]

The Smile-and-Nod in Buffalo

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Buffalo is a very friendly city. I am confident making this deduction after having walked and/or run through a number of cities. People will start chatting with you while you’re walking; they’ll share stories and joke with you. Heck, even outside the city, Buffalove runs deep. One summer on Cape Cod, we were driving in […]

Becoming an American Ninja Warrior . . . Kind Of

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I just got back from my first run outside of 2015. Like, I’m still in my running gear and err’thing. I feel compelled to write this post while the experience I just endured is still fresh in my mind.

It was a balmy 28 degrees Fahrenheit with […]

Holidays, and the most-effort-required gift of all.

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We didn’t post much last week due to the holidays, and all that they entail . . . Sorry! Hopefully this week is better, though with the New Year’s arrival I make no promises!

Driving across the state of New York and back is always fun and fortunately we had good weather to do so this […]

Bulkbarn, Backlash, Bad Habits and #BackSliding

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There is nothing more delicious than quality bulk foods at discount prices. Bags of kraft-cheese (they never give you enough in the little packets #dontJudgeMe), unlimited amounts of sour patch-kids and tasty little red and blue hockey players are incredibly difficult to put down.

Last night I hit #rockBottom after consuming a vast quantity of candy, for […]

City Sidewalks Filled With #LES Cheer

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One of my most favorite things to do in Buffalo occurs only in winter. When the city is blanketed in a fresh coat of powder, I pull out my cross-country skis and head out into the fray.

By now I am sure most of you have heard about what is going on in Buffalo right now. […]

The Day It Snowed . . . A lot .

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Buffalo is known for three things. Loosing 4 Super Bowls, chicken wings, and snow. Today, we reaffirmed the latter stereotype in record breaking fashion.

Over 881 organizations closed their doors and cancelled their programs, yet UB and Canisius carried on the tradition of disregarding weather. They said F. U  to the Lake Erie Monster, and remained […]

Buffalo Offers A Surprise Behind Every Fence

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Each Monday from May until November, a group of Canisius Alumni and friends meet up to play a riveting game of Ultimate Frisbee where the score is perpetually 0-0, and last point ends the game in a tie. For the past two seasons, we have met each and every Monday in Delaware Park near the […]

What Terry Pegula Owning The Bills Means To Buffalo

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What started out as just an ordinary Tuesday in Buffalo rapidly became a very exciting day. While driving down the 290, already late for work, news broke on WGR550 that reports of Terry Pegula owning the Bills was a “done deal”.

The immediate psychological response was a huge wave of relief. There was no more fear of losing […]