What We’re Eating: Israeli Couscous Salad

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This recipe is adapted from Womanista Wellness (formerly SkinnyMom), which can be found here.

Jon and I have been menu planning for a few weeks now, and it’s been helping us stay on track like nobody’s business. We’ve packed lunches very consistently, eaten out less, and spent more time together in the kitchen. And we’re learning all the […]

Boilermaker 2/50 : Mieux vaut tard que jamais!

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This is the second post of my daily recap of all 50 runs on the way to the 2017 Boilermaker. It is going to be a short post format with just notes that we can review. Enjoy!

With Ellie busy doing a Reform Fitness class tonight, this was my first solo run of the training block. Technically it […]

Carley said I can eat bagels and donuts.

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The title is not fake news. He really said it.

I’ve been struggling with personal training recently. I have seen decent gains on my upper-body strength, but my weight-loss and discipline have been very much lacking. I just wasn’t feeling it. At the start of March, we moved to three days a week, which was supposed to get […]

We Ran! Outside! Holy Crap!

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Last night, after leg day with Carley, Ellie and I made the effort to run outside for the first time since we moved to our house in July. We have run since then, but not around our actual neighborhood.

It obviously felt awful physically, both from a cardio standpoint and a leg-soreness standpoint, but we did […]

Fun Weekend in Albany!

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Because we weren’t satisfied with the amount of traveling this past month, Ellie and I headed across the great state of New York again. This time it was a more happy, and planned occasion, in which we cashed in on a Christmas present given to my mom. Paint Night! 

This worked out perfectly, because while the Bard […]

Time To Increase The 10,000 Step Guideline?

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Bad news everyone! A new study out, that has received quite a bit of media attention, has called into question the 10,000 step-per-day guidelines. The authors have suggested that the real target should be around 15,000. It is important to note that even the author’s admit this is a bummer.
The levels associated with zero risk factors […]

28 Days of Focus is Difficult.

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As stated in the past couple of blogs, I’m working on being focused on healthy eating for the 21 days, as an attempt to stay on track for the month of February. The first 14 days went extremely well, dropping close to six pounds. The last 7 days haven’t been as successful. I’ve come to […]

February Update! 13 Days In!

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On February 1st, I set a goal to eat clean for 28 days. With a list of banned foods courtesy of my buddies at work, and a lesson in public fat shaming from our trainer Carley, I was sufficiently armed with more motivation than I have had in an awfully long time.

And the good news? […]

Apparently Public Fat-Shaming Works!

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As many of you have probably seen, my trainer raised the ante on Wednesday by making me write my weight on the wall. He then proceeded to tag me in a facebook post asking my friends and families to throw me under the bus any time they see me eating pizza, beer, and any other […]

28 Days of Focus, Because the Whole30 is too long.

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February is the shortest month, which hypothetically means it gives me the best opportunity to string together a single month of concerted effort towards my goals. 28 Days of eating healthy, focusing on my fitness, and actually putting forth the effort required to make substantive changes to my life.

I often talk about fitness, dieting and […]