Apparently Public Fat-Shaming Works!

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As many of you have probably seen, my trainer raised the ante on Wednesday by making me write my weight on the wall. He then proceeded to tag me in a facebook post asking my friends and families to throw me under the bus any time they see me eating pizza, beer, and any other […]

28 Days of Focus, Because the Whole30 is too long.

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February is the shortest month, which hypothetically means it gives me the best opportunity to string together a single month of concerted effort towards my goals. 28 Days of eating healthy, focusing on my fitness, and actually putting forth the effort required to make substantive changes to my life.

I often talk about fitness, dieting and […]

Finding the Funny!

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Like the great comedian Tammy Pescatelli says, “You gotta find the funny”

Last night Ellie and I made use of our Catalyst Fitness membership and got in some much-needed cardio. I’ve been struggling to get back onto the treadmill / running in general for a while now. I start out alright, but after about ten minutes my […]

A Literal Gut Check

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My gut has returned in all its glory.

Usually, well… historically, I reserved Wednesday’s for posting the weigh-in stats. For years, every week I posted all of the stats collected by our tracking system, shared them to the public (or at least my mom and dad), and let people check in on my progress. Recently, […]

I Miss Jet Lag.

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In September, we had the opportunity to travel to Europe with my dad, and we enjoyed two weeks driving across Germany, into Austria, through Liechtenstein, and lastly to Switzerland. It took us about two days to acclimate to the time difference, but we were soon in the German swing of things. For exercise, we walked a bunch […]

The Dress That Used to Be Too Big.

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Everybody’s been through it—even if the last time was when you were a kid and grew out of something: everyone has tried on an article of clothing to find out that, well, look at that, it doesn’t fit anymore. Maybe you grew taller, dropped down a size, or got mad swole in your lats. Or maybe, […]

Bucket List 2017!

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Guys, we made it. We got through the hellish trek through time that was 2016—the pain, the heartache, the loss . . . the weight gain. As Jon and I sit here on the morning of January 1, 2017, watching an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy that’s talking about clogged arteries and bacon […]

Reflecting on Five Years of Running

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Five years ago today, Ellie and I ran our first official 5k road race. We did a very small local run sponsored by Medaille College. Ellie had run for years prior to this on and off, while I had really just started to do so to get in shape with the blog. Both of us were […]

Bench Press Gains!

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Upon arriving at the gym yesterday I was notified that I would be testing my one-rep bench press max. This was actually kind of exciting for me, because I have felt the weight going up recently. The unofficial goal over the next few month is to increase my bench up to around 200 lbs, which I […]

2 Fat Nerds: 5 Years Later

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Wow, this milestone certainly snuck up on me. Five years ago today Dollard and I decided to document our transition to a healthier life style. After four major iterations of the main blog, and countless revisions to the tracking system, I can honestly say I am flabbergasted that we are still here at all. Most […]