Yeast Confections: Sourdough Starter

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In our quest to eat more healthily, I’ve decided to try making—and sustaining—sourdough starter. Again. This time, hopefully successfully. We’ve found that Jon’s stomach seems to be able to handle some homemade glutenous goodies, such as his tomato-basil bread. So we thought sourdough might also work because it’s fermented, and that’s supposed to be good […]

We Finished the Whole30.

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Exciting news! We jumped on the bandwagon and did the Whole30! Aaaand we didn’t hate it . . . at least not the entire time. What started as a way for Jon and I to fit better into a kilt and a bridesmaid dress, respectively, turned into a pretty habit-changing experience.

I borrowed the Whole30 book […]

The Smile-and-Nod in Buffalo

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Buffalo is a very friendly city. I am confident making this deduction after having walked and/or run through a number of cities. People will start chatting with you while you’re walking; they’ll share stories and joke with you. Heck, even outside the city, Buffalove runs deep. One summer on Cape Cod, we were driving in […]

A little weekend adventure

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Happy Monday Fat Nerds!

Last week wrapped up nicely with a great post from Dave, encouraging us all to get out there and start walking a little bit more. I took that advice and ran (or walked…) with it this weekend.

Fall is my favorite season because it is not too hot and the sun is almost […]

Taking Advantage of A Day Off

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I always look at long weekends as being very dangerous. More time away from your normal routine and there is more opportunity to eat or drink more than you would during the workweek. It’s Columbus Day, and I am fortunate enough to be enjoying a day off from work. I definitely fell into a day […]

President’s Day – A Day to Regroup and Plan

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Having a random Monday off in the middle of winter couldn’t have come at a better time this year. Having precious daylight hours to get caught up on cleaning, errands and long dog walks was just what the doctor ordered. With less than eight weeks to go until our next race, I am back to the drawing board trying to get a schedule etched in stone to take us through the rest of winter and into the spring race season. I have several things that I want to accomplish this year in terms of exercise and fitness, and though January was a very good month, February has shaped up to be less than stellar. Today serves as a nice interruption, and a day to reorient myself to my goals.

To put it into writing, I want to accomplish the following three things between now and July:

Improve my 5k PR at the B.A.A 5k. Maybe a bit ambitious, but I want to be right around the 24 minute mark. I’m not going to say sub 24, but that is certainly my stretch goal.
Get back up to half-marathon distance in case we decide to do the Buffalo Half-Marathon in May. That race is quickly approaching as well, and though we aren’t registered for it, I am itching to pull the trigger and go for it.
Really work on my overall fitness in preparation for the Boilermaker. That race is going to be tough, and I want to be prepared for it. I’ve got a great program from my cousin Jon, and I need to start stringing together the three-day a week program. […]

Why Spotify won’t replace Pandora any time soon

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Spotify is an up and coming music player that relies on a combination of peer-to-peer sharing and server hosting to deliver the users choice in music, quickly. It’s power lies in the fact that the user can specify what he or she listens to, as opposed to Pandora Radio, which allows the user to listen […]

Music Monday: Yellowcard

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Music has the ability to move you to a different place. It can get to your core, stir your emotions, and get you thinking. Picking songs to exercise to can make or break a workout. I am going to share with you two of my favorite songs to run to, both by Yellowcard. Both of […]

Music Monday #1: Influencing Activities

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Music is a huge part of my life. There is rarely a moment throughout the day that I do not have music playing in the background.  Even at my job there is music constantly playing.  Sometimes this music is not of my own choosing or even something I like at all, like at work, but […]