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Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tournament Weekend!

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Over the weekend, the Pine Riders threw on our skates and competed in the Buffalo Labatt Blue Pond Hockey tournament. The outcome . . . was absolutely less than stellar.

Yes . . . we gave up 87 goals. The Pine Riders went 0-3 on the weekend...

We got absolutely annihilated. To say we were perhaps [...]

Should I care about toenails?

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Brace yourself for some riveting content, folks: today I want to talk about toenails. Now I don't know about you, but I definitely hate clipping my toenails. I even hate when others clip my toenails during pedicures. Just typing this makes me cringe with discomfort. Alas, foot care is a necessity, especially for runners.

I know [...]

To Train, or Not To Train at Race Distance?

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I came across an interesting tweet from Hal Higdon, a juggernaut in the sport of running. Famous for both his writing at Runners World, coaching, as well as racing in the sport himself. I thought i'd share it here, as well as my own experiences at the half-marathon distance.

To summarize - he is a believer [...]

I Marie Kondoed My Clothes!

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Happy annual day of annoyance that follows a Patriots super bowl win.

On Saturday, Ellie and I watched the first episode of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix. For those of you who are unaware of the latest sensation sweeping the nation, Marie Kondo is a professional organizer from Japan who encourages people to declutter [...]

Skating at Ives Park!

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Over the weekend, hockey-mentor Julien called me up and said we were heading to the ponds for some pick up hockey. Who was I to disagree? I grabbed my gear, including my Garmin watch, and met up with him at Ives Park in Tonawanda. To my surprise, this is a rather popular spot for some [...]

The Backyard Rink Is Ready!

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It is finally that time of year in Buffalo, when seasonal depression starts kicking in, the temperature is dropping, and . . . water is frozen solid! The backyard rink 2019 edition is ready to go!

We were smart and got the rink set up back in December, before there was snow on the ground.

Back in [...]

Genetics and Dogs? Awesome.

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For those new around here, my day job is at a University working on genetic sequencing projects. Part of my daily TODO at work is to keep up on scientific literature, which is a tall task considering how many journals, subjects and specialities, and just sheer volume of data is being published right now. [...]

Oh God I’m 30.

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To start, what an absolute whirlwind of a couple of months (and especially the last couple of weeks). Life is being life, more-so recently than ever. To get through the worst news first -- We have had a huge family loss with the passing of our sister from Italy, who left us completely devastated and [...]

Signs from Above, or My Girth?

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Today started out like any other day. Ellie and I were the usual 30 minutes late, and traffic was moving well. The commute in was uneventful, and I even got to run an errand before work. It was all fine and dandy until I sat down at my desk. The universe then sent me message, [...]

Cleaning Out My Closet!

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Sorry, this post isn't a tell all of my deepest darkest secrets. I literally spent the weekend cleaning out my closet, the basement, and doing some renovations at my parents house in Albany. All those squats must have helped because despite going up and down the stairs a billion times, I can still walk today!

Jeff [...]