Reflecting on Five Years of Running

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Five years ago today, Ellie and I ran our first official 5k road race. We did a very small local run sponsored by Medaille College. Ellie had run for years prior to this on and off, while I had really just started to do so to get in shape with the blog. Both of us were […]

2 Fat Nerds: 5 Years Later

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Wow, this milestone certainly snuck up on me. Five years ago today Dollard and I decided to document our transition to a healthier life style. After four major iterations of the main blog, and countless revisions to the tracking system, I can honestly say I am flabbergasted that we are still here at all. Most […]

Weigh-In Thursday March 17th 2016: St. Patricks Day!

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Highs and Lows: Half-Marathon Training Update

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With 75 days left until race day, roughly half-way through our 20 week program, I thought it would be a nice time to sit down and look at how things have gone so far.

Highs – I think Ellie would agree, that last weeks 10k (6.25) mile run was easily our best run of our training […]

The February Challenge Results!

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We started a new challenge in February to run the days of the month. Last night as I finished up the last four miles I needed, making for a total of eleven miles in two days, I thought about how much I actually liked this challenge. It pushed me out the door into a rather […]

February Challenge!

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In keeping with the theme of last month, I wanted to again challenge everyone in February to cover 29 miles in 29 days. However, because some of us (myself NOT included) did this with relative ease, I want everyone to at minimum to cover the same distance as they did in January. 

So, those of us […]

January Challenge Progress Report: Last Call!

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I wanted to give one last update to let those of us that have fallen behind a bit know where we stand. Maybe this will help us grind out the remaining week to hit the 31 in 31 goal. Heres the chart!

Some of us have serious work to do . . . Good luck to […]

Half-Marathon Training Schedule and A Snowy Long Run

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Training season has arrived. So too, apparently, has winter. With our first official week of half-marathon training in the books, our not-so-friendly Lake Erie Monster has returned, just in time for our long run of the week.

Our training program for our fourth half-marathon is a bit different from previous, due to the addition of weight-training. […]

Ready, Set, 2016!

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Hello Fat Nerds, it’s Adrienne!

It has certainly been a while, hasn’t it!? I don’t even remember the last time I posted, which is a pretty bad sign. My successful weight loss and fitness progress have always directly correlated with how often I write on this fabulous blog. And, as you can see from the past […]

Unseasonable Buffalo Weather!

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Like most of the North East, Buffalo has been experiencing some of the best December weather on record. It was hard not to capitalize on the 60 degree weather, so for the first time in a couple of months, Ellie and I laced up and went for a run outside. 


We opted to deviate from our […]