Action-Packed Weekend: A Recap

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Quite an action-packed weekend! We headed to Albany on Friday, right after work, for some quality rest and relaxation and for the chance to see our favorite red-headed sister, who was on vacation from Lebanon.  We went apple picking on Saturday morning, for a run with my parents in the afternoon, and to a delicious […]

Another Weekend In Three Photos

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Vacations: My Annual Fall Off the Wagon

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This post comes from my lovely wife, Ellie, who apparently snuck a lot of the caramel chewy bars when no one was looking. Enjoy!

It’s time for the annual trek to Cape Cod, and I am so excited to be spending this time with family and living it up the briny ocean air!

Just like the holidays, […]

Biking Buffalo: Surprises at Every Turn.

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As I steadily gear up toward a triathlon in August, bicycling long distances has become inevitable.  I was slated to do ~25 miles on Sunday,  which got me thinking about potential routes to take. Twenty-five miles is quite a long distance, even by car.  Fortunately, the urban sprawl that is the city of Buffalo is […]

The Bigger Picture

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Last night a friend of mine called asking for a ride. He had gotten pretty sick earlier that day and needed to fetch his car that was still downtown from work. No problem, I was more than happy to help out. At the time I was at the grocery store, so I quickly checked out, took my groceries home and headed over to pick him up. Before heading over though, I switched into my running clothes just in case.

I must have figured that if he was too sick to drive earlier in the day, I didn’t want him behind the wheel heading home after a day of being sick. I knew the distances between where we needed to go was right around a 10k, so no sweat. I figured I would just run it and get my car after taking him home. At the time I didn’t really think anything of it. I figured it was the easiest way to get everything that needed to happen done, while impacting the least number of possible (AKA letting Ellie get her work done as opposed to driving around for a while).


My Vacation Recap!

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This year, Ellie and I were lucky enough to be able to take a few days off this past week and head to the ocean! Ever since I was literally four months old, my family has been reserving  a couple weeks to spend out on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We camp in Nickerson State Park with many […]

How to exercise on Cape Cod

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In a few hours (hopefully) I’ll be off to meet up with Jon, Ellie, Adrienne, Mike, Suz, Mom, and Dad for the annual family trip to the Cape. So far I can’t think of any family institutions that have yet withstood the inexorable zealotry of our newfound quest for fitness, 2FNS-style, so why should our […]

I Really Like Kolsch

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This is a little bit off-topic today, but as I’ve talked about my brewing of beer in the past, I thought I would just talk briefly today about a style of beer that is quickly becoming my absolute favorite.

Köslch is a style of beer out of Köln (Cologne), Germany. While Ellie was living in Germany, I had […]

A Tourist in Buffalo: The Erie Canal and Grain Elevators

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It can be surprising what you can find in your hometown with just a little bit of effort. This past weekend, Ellie, Audrey, and I headed out to do a little bit of sightseeing in downtown Buffalo. There were two things on our list to see and do. The first was to get a quick […]

San Diego Part 4: New Shoes, More Food, and Why I don’t Want to Go Home.

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The day after our amazing experiences exploring the California countryside, Ellie and I decided that renting a car really opens up the opportunities that we could have. I may have had a not-so-secret motivation for my desire to get a car as well, as I knew there was an REI store up north of San […]