Zwift Six-Week FTP Builder Complete!

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For the past six weeks, I’ve been following the Zwift FTP Builder plan. This program was designed as four workouts a week, with the goal of building up sustained power on the bike. With my FTP threshold set at 210 watts, I’ve been slowly building up my base. The primary goal for this 6 […]

Understanding Heart Rate Zones

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The month of January has absolutely flown by, and my primary goal of being consistent has been going well. This month I was mostly focused on getting back into the routine of working out. I wasn’t really focused on my times, mileage, or stats. As we head into February, consistency is still going to be […]

Zwift FTP Builder Week 3

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So far, so good on the Zwift front! I’m now entering week three of the FTP Builder plan, which is designed to increase my base functional threshold power. I thought now would be a good time to quickly recap the first two weeks back in the saddle, and talk about how things are going.

What I Like about Zwift

So […]

Diving into Cycling with Zwift! What is FTP???

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A couple of months ago I started using an indoor cycling program called Zwift. For the full review of my setup and my initial impression, here’s the post. I took a little bit of break at the start of December, but since the New Year I am back in the saddle, literally.

Week 1 Success, on […]

Zwift Workouts Are Kicking My Butt!

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Update on the Zwift Sessions! A couple of weeks ago I did a post about biking in secret in my basement using a system called Zwift. Zwift for those of you who haven’t read my last post, is an interactive virtual biking system that uses sensors on my actual road bike to estimate distance, speed, […]

Getting Zwift! My first steps into indoor bike training.

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Hey everyone! I have a confession. Ellie and I have been secretly working out pretty consistently for the past couple of weeks. She has been doing weekly sessions at Reform Fitness, which as our friends found out for Ellie’s birthday, is a super difficult workout. She’s also been using the elliptical quite a bit at […]

Bike Adventures: Sagadahoc County, Maine

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As Jeff and I often work weekends, we don’t get to jet-set as often as we would like. But we have had the past couple weekends to galavant around and enjoy the summer and all the adventure that it brings. Sunday night we got back from our weekend up in Maine!

We headed up to Maine […]

2 Fat Nerds and the Midnight Marathon Bike Ride 2014

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On Sunday night, or rather, in the wee hours of Monday morning, before the starting gun and commencement of the 118th Boston Marathon, we rode our bikes 26.2 miles (and then some) in the clear and cold, under a blanket of stars, surrounded by hundreds of like-minded cyclists doing the same. It was 2 Fat […]

Learning Valuable Lessons the Hard Way

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I had my sights set on a long bike ride for this past weekend, several days in advance. I originally had intended on a twenty-five- to thirty-mile ride out to my in-laws’ house, but after much debate, I opted to stay on roads with which I was semi-familiar. On Sunday around 3:00 p.m., I set […]

Tech Tuesday: Expresso Upright Stationary Bikes

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Being a member of the Buffalo JCC has its benefits. The first and foremost, is the gym equipment is absolutely phenomenal. Today I want to take the time and review one of the more interactive pieces of equipment that I have been using recently, The Expresso Stationary Bike. I’ve used these bikes many times over the course of a couple of years, and have realized recently how they might really assist in my training. Like most gym equipment, you get out what you put in, so try to challenge yourself while using it. It can be really easy to sit back in a low gear while watching T.V. The power of this machine is its variable settings and its ability to mimic real life situations.

Bike in a virtual world!

This stationary bike’s hallmark feature is its interactive virtual world in which you train in. It lets you ride any number of courses that range from flat tracks to curving mountain climbs. I’ve been selecting the hardest possible climbs in preparation for the triathlon, in the hope that the 30% grades that this machine gives me will be enough to get me fairly used to the familiar burn of going up hills for a prolonged time.

If you aren’t interested in the courses, you can switch it over to T.V mode too and watch whatever you want. I spent many a night watching Buffalo Sabres games or the Knicks play, and I fully anticipate more of this in the winter months to come.