Genetics and Dogs? Awesome.

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For those new around here, my day job is at a University working on genetic sequencing projects. Part of my daily TODO at work is to keep up on scientific literature, which is a tall task considering how many journals, subjects and specialities, and just sheer volume of data is being published right now. […]

15 Minutes In The Morning

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Despite my protests and attempts to prolong my sleep this morning, Ellie succeeded in getting me out of bed for a quick 15 minute trot around the block with our dog. I had an early meeting so Audrey would be home a bit longer today than usual, so we wanted to tire her out a […]

2 Fat Nerds Has Gone To The Dogs

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The title says it all. Over the weekend, Ellie and I registered our dog, Audrey, for an account in the tracking system. Audrey is by no means a fat dog, or really a nerd, but she does have a few pounds to lose, per doctor’s directions. To help keep track of her activity and her weight, we thought why not! Sign her up.

Wait wut?


I’ll Check You If You Check Me!

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I just wanted to make a quick post today about one possible danger of trail running and the dangers of ticks. It is pretty relevant today because last month my dog picked up a tick, and today she tested positive for Lyme disease.

If you do go out and run trails, please make sure to check […]

Running with Dogs

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I love my dog, Audrey. She has probably the most unique, loving personality of any dog I’ve ever been around. When Ellie gets up early in the morning, Audrey will jump right where Ellie was sleeping and we will snooze until it’s time for me to go to work.

There is one thing about Audrey that […]