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Weigh-In Wednesday March 6th, 2019: -6 on the 6th!

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How on March 6th, is there a windchill of -6? Doesn’t mother nature know we are hard at work, training for the first spring races of the season?

Welcome to this weeks edition of Weigh-in Wednesday, where we pull the stats out of the database, and I send out harassing text messages to my friends and […]

The Two Fat Nerds Holiday Challenge

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With the holidays come many family and social obligations that put the squeeze on available free time. Good habits like exercise and eating healthy are regulated to the back burner. But not this year. This year, I am throwing down the gauntlet and challenging you all to beat the holidays.
The Holiday Challenge

Taken from an idea […]

Week One Benchmarks

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Thank you all very much for submitting some base-line readings for the September-October Challenge. I am impressed by how enthusiastic so many of you have been with this idea, and I am eager to dive into training for it. Below is a chart for the base-line so that we can all have a reference to […]

Quick Clarifications on the Challenge

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In my excitement, I left a bit open for interpretation. So I wanted to refine quickly what types of workouts I was expecting!

Chin-Ups: I originally said pull-ups . . . but I was thinking Chin-Ups. Chin-Ups are what i am looking for! This is an optional one, since it requires a bar . . . […]