March Challenge! Baltimore Inner Harbor to Red River Beach!

Happy Friday, and more importantly, happy March!!! We are almost to spring, although the recent dumping of snow in the northeast has us feeling otherwise. As February wrapped up, we finished our challenge strong and made it from Buffalo to Baltimore! This month, in order to encourage my parents to get their butts moving a [...]

Yeast Confections: Sourdough Starter

In our quest to eat more healthily, I've decided to try making—and sustaining—sourdough starter. Again. This time, hopefully successfully. We've found that Jon's stomach seems to be able to handle some homemade glutenous goodies, such as his tomato-basil bread. So we thought sourdough might also work because it's fermented, and that's supposed to be good [...]

Eating Is a Social Activity, and It Can Suck Sometimes

Anyone who has tried to eat healthily knows how hard it is to stay on track when going out, celebrating holidays or special events, and even just trying to be social at work. This past week, I faced all of those things. AND I DID NOT GIVE IN! Just to toot my own horn, I [...]

All the Vegetables. And Juuuust a Little Beer.

I posted last week about wanting to make positive change. I also promised to update on our progress. I am happy to say that, after a successful and expensive grocery trip Sunday evening, we have eaten pretty clean for the past twenty-four hours! We spent the first half of the day with Jon's parents at [...]

Think Happy Thoughts

Jeff and I got back from our holiday traveling late enough last night where there was no way we were going to the grocery store, so today I was forced to buy lunch at work (the only thing in our fridge is spoiled eggnog and butter). I ordered a gyro for delivery from a cafe [...]

July Challenge Update: Work TODO!

As promised, the July challenge has started. I wanted to lay out all of the available workouts, and what we have done, as compared to what is still available for submission. Still Available CardioClass Skiing Snowmobiling Boxing Snowboarding WaterAerobics Stairs Kayaking Volleyball Dancing Canoeing Cross-CountrySkiing Hockey Rollerblading StationaryBike IceSkating NordicWalking InclinedWalk Jumprope Rowing TreadmillWalk Kettlebell [...]

A Foray into Indoor Climbing

Last Friday,  Ellie and I finally took up a long-standing offer from a friend of ours Zac to try out indoor climbing. We had both been once or twice before, but not for many years. I had a healthy skepticism of my ability to make it up the wall, but putting that aside, we gave [...]

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