Switching Gears (lol): Training Plan For February

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I cracked myself up with the title of today’s post. I’ve been bicycling quite a bit on Zwift over the past six weeks, closing out my first full FTP Build program. With only two workouts to go, it is about that time that Ellie and I are switching gears (get it? like a bike gear?) […]

Defining Goals Leads to Successful Implementation.

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Sorry, guys; I have heard from many of you who really love our weekly segment Eat Fit, Not Fat, so I know how much of a bummer it is not to have a post today. Sadly, I was supposed to have a post this week, but last night’s dinner didn’t go as expected . . . so I punted! Food blogging is WAY harder than it looks, and I have a new-found appreciation for how much work Suz puts in each week. I am excited for her return next week. Instead, I wanted to talk a little bit about defining goals.

This morning I have been putting together a website business strategy for my lab. For those of you who don’t know, I work in a Next-Generation Sequencing Core Facility, which is a fancy way of saying I work for a lab that preforms genetic sequencing for anyone who wants it. We are in the process of rebuilding our website, and part of the process is to clearly describe what our primary objectives are of having a website. Here is a sample of what I’m talking about:

The Next-Gen Core website is a first point of contact for internal and external customers, their students and potential collaborators, as well as the general public who wish to gain information and insight into our Core’s sequencing and informatics capabilities. We want to provide quick and concise explanations of our services, as well as information on how to get started with new projects. As the field of Next-Gen sequencing is constantly evolving, we need to actively maintain our website with our latest technologies and as importantly, our current pricing structure.

As you can see, we need to clearly lay out exactly why we want to have a website, what the goals are, who our audience is, and what we want to accomplish. […]

Running Unleashed: An Explosion of Creativity

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There is something about exercise that has unlocked in me a desire to learn and create. I find myself at work programming more and more with languages I haven’t used before. I’ve started to get further and further into Linux scripting to do things I would have normally written a quick Perl or Java script […]