Genetics and Dogs? Awesome.

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For those new around here, my day job is at a University working on genetic sequencing projects. Part of my daily TODO at work is to keep up on scientific literature, which is a tall task considering how many journals, subjects and specialities, and just sheer volume of data is being published right now. […]

Data Retention in the world of BigData.

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Today I was asked to create a data retention policy that manages ~60TB of our generated sequencing data. This data is both in-house and customer, collaborative and cross-institutional, and generated at our facility and elsewhere. No singular policy can surely cover all of these things, but nevertheless, I have to formulate something that will work.

The […]

New Toys in the Lab!

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Fun happenings at work to report! Our sequencing core is now proud owners of the illumina HiSeq2500, upgraded from our HiSeq2000 platform. Look, shiny LED’s!

Recently our lab has also been recipients of two new sequencing platforms, the Life Technologies Ion Torrent PGM, as well as the Ion Proton platform. Pretty exciting stuff!

What this means? More […]

Nerd It Up – What Is Genetic Sequencing, and Why Saying GeneX Is Making You Fat Is Irresponsible.

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There are articles everywhere talking about advances in genetic research, finding that single gene that is the culprit for obesity, for diabetes, for cancer, and so on. In a sense, these articles take extremely complex research publications and break them down into a mainstream, digestible¬†format for general consumption. Even still, it really isn’t as simple […]